Introduction to short-term rental programs (such as Airbnb) in Nevada

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I want to clear the air on short-term rental programs (such as Airbnb) in Nevada. While Clark County imposes heavy restrictions, Henderson allows short-term rentals of your property for 7 days or more. While Clark County’s website, last I checked, bluntly states that short-term rentals are illegal in Clark County, the actual analysis is far more nuanced than that. For example, is your property actually in “Clark County?” The Clark County ordinance only applies to unincorporated Clark County, not to other municipalities that are technically within the outer borders of Clark County. This was confusing for me, before learning that the difference matters here, because I grew up in the Clark County School District, in Henderson schools.

But if you’re trying to decide whether to list your property on a site such as Airbnb, I would determine where your property sits (Las Vegas, Henderson, unincorporated Clark County, etc.) before listing your property. Then, you need to be sure you’re complying with the appropriate law. At last reading, a rental of 7 days or more is okay in Henderson, but is not allowed in unincorporated Clark County.

Please stay tuned for more on this topic. I will be expanding on this analysis as time allows. If you mention this post, you can call me for a free consult (a $50 value) about your property and whether you have any legal basis for listing your property on Airbnb or other similar site(s).


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