Matthew Beckstead Law is challenging lengthy, 2-year delay in adjudication with petition to Supreme Court of Nevada

Matthew Beckstead Law is pleased to announce that it has filed a petition to the Supreme Court of Nevada to seek justice for its client. Our client has awaited adjudication for more than two years, and this wait continues. The petition alleges that Judge Jennifer Elliott, a family-court judge in Clark County, Nevada, has failed to enter a final order adjudicating a motion to modify child support for more than 2 years (in excess of 800 days). The petition alleges that this failure to make a final decision is willful and intentional; it also alleges that this failure to make a decision is still happening. Also, Judge Elliott flat-out denied a motion to strike several papers and orders that were improperly filed and obtained, denying the motion without a hearing and vacating the hearing scheduled for August 2018, in violation of Petitioner’s due-process right to be heard that comes from the Due Process Clause of the Constitution of the United States. Matthew Beckstead Law intends to vigorously resist Judge Elliott’s apparent abuses of discretion in the family-court case. Upon these bases, the petition seeks relief from this State’s excellent Supreme Court, including departmental reassignment of the case and a writ vacating Judge Elliott’s interlocutory order filed last month.

A copy of the petition to the Supreme Court of Nevada is available here.